Woodland Wonderland

Woodland creatures have been a popular theme for baby showers and birthday parties for a few years now and I personally hope they never go out of style! They are just so cute!

We often receive requests for quotes on 3D sculpted animals and characters. Anytime we have to hand sculpt a topper or accent, the price point will go up simply because it takes more time and materials to make 3D animals than it does flat or 2D animals such as those on the cake below. But as you can see, the flat animals are just as cute!

For this cake, we started with a textured buttercream base. We then added the three main characters to the cake and piped a bit of buttercream grass here and there. We then added accents of fresh flowers and greenery that were being used elsewhere in the party space to tie everything in the room together.

The end result is a cute cake that isn’t too overdone. The fresh flowers added an element of nature to the woodland theme and the fondant characters balanced out the storybook effect of the baby shower. The perfect combo to welcome baby to the world!