Who’s Ready For Spring?

At All Things Cake, we do lots of cupcakes, but it’s rare to have multiple orders for similarly themed cupcakes in the same week.  Well…it happened this week!  We had two floral orders for cupcakes with pastel-ish colors and it had us swooning for Spring.

The first order was for flowers using soft pink, purple, peach and yellow.  We created rosette cupcakes and hydrangea cupcakes with sage green leaf accents.  Both of these cupcake designs are made using the same piping tip, tip 1M.  The hydrangea design on the cupcake is created by piping multiple jumbo stars in a mound all over the cupcake.  The multiple stars created by the open star tip give the effect of multiple delicate hydrangea petals.

The other design in this order was of a rosette, which is also created using the 1M tip.  One continuous circular swirl is made to cover the top of the cupcake.  A tip 352 leaf is then piped to complete the flower.

The second floral order was equally as beautiful and incorporated yellow, pink, light orange and wine. Instead of primarily using the 1M tip, we used petals tips like #104.

Each cupcake in this order was made by layering petals in a circular motion to create the look of mums, pansies and others.  Most of the flower petals were a solid pastel color, but for some, we striped our piping bag with a coordinating color to create the two-tone look.  Once all the petals were piped, the flower centers and stamens were added to complete the look.

We are officially ready for Springtime!