What A Weird Year!

We are a little over half way through 2020 and PHEW!!  I’m totally over it.  I’m sure you are too.

From shutdown to curbside to cautiously reopening to maybe shutting down again…this has truly been a rollercoaster for our 11th year in business.  We have had to make unprecedented decisions, had crazy turnover and everyones emotions are running on overdrive.  If anyone ever tells you there is no crying in cake decorating, they are lying.  Sometimes it’s hard.  Really, really hard.  You see all the pretty pictures of cakes with unicorns and rainbow sprinkles and glitter, but what you don’t see is the real human that is creating that cake or running that small business who is dealing with unprecedented stress, fear, anxiety and pressure to make it all look pretty.  And I know you are probably feeling all of that as well.  It can be overwhelming.

But here’s the thing.  You can ALWAYS find the good.  Through this year, I have seen more good than in all my previous 10 years in business.  How crazy is that?!  MORE good.  In 2020.  And it’s always there!

This year, I have had more customers support my business and share their kind words of encouragement – more than ever before.  They took virtual classes when we couldn’t meet in person and purchased DIY Cookie Kits when we shifted to curbside.  They ordered quarantine cakes and toilet paper cakes and chose to laugh with us instead of complain when we had to adjust protocols.  They kept celebrating even when everything was cancelled…amazing.  I’ve also had more family and friends reach out, check in, purchase items and refer customers to me than ever before.  We have shipped more desserts out than ever and delivered more “just for fun” treats than in previous years.   And within my own staff, I’ve seen those who truly care about our success rise to the top and work so hard to promote us on social media and go the extra mile for our customers.  It’s been amazing to witness.

So 2020…you completely suck.  But you don’t get to win.  I will continue to find the good, see the good and share the good.  And to all of my amazing customers, family, friends and staff…THANK YOU!  You’ve helped us stay afloat in a multitude of ways.  You ARE THE GOOD.  And we will all get through this together!