Wedding Cake Tastings

So you’re planning your wedding…and your to-do list is loooong.  Well let me help you check something off your list in an efficient, stress-free and delicious way!  Let’s talk about your wedding cake tasting!

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Meeting with couples is probably my most favorite part of my job!  I love watching couples interact and communicate about something so simple…cake!  For tastings at my bakery, we let couples taste three flavors of our cake and six flavors of our fillings, which makes up LOTS of combinations.  We like to give couples options, so they can feel free to give their guests options.  We don’t upcharge for any of our flavors and fillings, so pricing is transparent and easy to understand. And couples love that they can have a different flavor and filling combo in each tier.  It means that you don’t have to choose between his favorite and her favorite…you can each have your cake…AND EAT IT, TOO!

But eating cake is just a small part of what happens at your cake tasting appointment.  We also discuss the number of servings that you need and how that translates to cake size.  We actually recommend that you have enough dessert for 80% of your guests, which means that a 150 person wedding only needs about 120 servings of cake/dessert.  And this means 120 TOTAL servings of cake.  Not 120 from the main cake and 60 servings from the Groom’s cake.  120 TOTAL SERVINGS.  Unless you are serving cake to each guest at their seat, you only need 80%. If you are serving cake to each guest while they are seated, you will need a piece for each guest.

Once we know how many servings of cake you need, we can discuss how many tiers that translates to.  If you only want three tiers because you like odd numbers and your design lends itself best to three tiers, but you NEED 200 servings, we need to know that.  You can always supplement your servings with cupcakes, kitchen cakes, a Groom’s cake or other desserts.

On the flip side of that, if you only need 50 servings, but you have your heart set on a five tier cake, we need to know that, too!  This is actually the more common scenario that we see.  Since you only need three tiers of cake, but want five, we can make two of the tiers faux.  Think styrofoam shaped like a tier of cake that is iced and decorated to look like cake, but only you know it’s FAKE!  Your guests will only see a beautiful five tier of cake since the cake is typically removed from the reception for cutting.  No one will be able to tell that part of the cake isn’t actually cake!

So we will taste cake, discuss the number of servings needed, design your cake and provide you with a quote.  It’s important to have already looked at cakes and bring in ideas, so you can make the most of your appointment time.  Bring in any cake ideas and color swatches that you want your design to reflect.  Also, it’s good if you know what your cake budget is, so you can feel confident making a decision on booking your cake.  Are you planning a wedding and have a cake question?  Drop it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Happy Planning!