Unicorns Everywhere!

You have probably seen a version of this cake floating around the internet.  It’s the chubby unicorn who is in a cake coma after nibbling on birthday cake.  From the moment that we saw this cake on facebook, we couldn’t wait for someone to order it from us!

This cake has the look of any ordinary cake — it started as 2 layers of chocolate cake with a buttercream filling.  We then iced it in blue buttercream and added some pink and purple flourishes to coordinate with the unicorn theme.  We added a sentiment plaque on top with a unicorn sprinkle mix border.

Next we removed a portion of the cake and placed the chubby unicorn on the cake.  To create the adorable unicorn we sculpted him from satin ice fondant.  3D elements like this on cakes typically take some time to dry, so he was started about 1 week in advance.  His body is sculpted, then his head.  After that his limbs are attached and hooves are painted gold.  Finally, the facial details are added including the colorful mane, gilded horn and cute little tongue sticking out.  Each of these elements are individually made and attached to the unicorn.  Once he is complete and dry enough to move, he is placed on the cake.  Some additional cake crumbs were sprinkled on the board to complete the effect.

Happy 17th Birthday Brittany!!!