Two Gifts in One!

We were so excited to receive this order. Not only was it a cake for a friend of the bakery, but it was essentially two gifts for the birthday girl in one! Why JUST give her a plant when you can give her a plant CAKE! This is exactly what her husband decided when he placed the order.

For this design, we stacked three layers of cake and layered them with buttercream. For the outside of the flower pot, we iced it in a few shades of gray to get the marbled stone look. After chilling the cake, we cut a circle out of the top and filled it in with oreo crumbs for the dirt. We added the edible silver leaf and lfondant lettering on the cake boards.

For the plant leaves, we skewered green fondant and let them dry in a leaf shape. Once dry, we dusted the leaves with petal dust to give them some shading and placed them into the cake. The overall look of a potted plant is both super cute and delicious! Happy 47th Amy!!