Trend Alert: Comic Cake

With some trends I’m ready for them to phase out the same day they phase in. But not this trend…it’s a keeper!

Comic cakes are the latest trend to hit the cake scene. They are created to look like drawings with their coloring and outlining. They are not terribly difficult to create, but can be time consuming with the black outlines needed to get the look.

For this cake, we iced the base of the cakes in yellow buttercream. We then layered on all the fondant accents including the frosting “drip” and layers. Once we had the coloring where we wanted it, we began the tedious process of extruding black fondant for the outlines. This can also be piped in buttercream, but we wanted a uniform, clean look for this particular cake.

Our favorite fondant extruding tool made the job so much easier! You just roll your fondant into a sausage or snake shape and load it into the extruder. When you turn the handle, it pushes the fondant through the selected plate, in this case a thin hole. It makes all your outlines the same thickness and consistency is so important with this cake style.

So what do you think? Comic Cake Trend = Yay or Nay?