This Could Bee Our Favorite Cake!

Some party themes are just too cute for words and this Bee themed First Birthday Party is one of them!  From the texture of the hive to the matching smash cake, this theme had the bakery buzzing this week!

To create the main cake, we baked three layers of cake and stacked and carved them into a dome/beehive shape.  Once carved, we crumb coated the cake to lock in the moisture and seal in the crumbs that can be exposed when carving.  Once crumb coated, we chilled the cake and colored the yellow icing.  The yellow icing was put into a piping bag and used with a tip 12. We then piped the yellow icing onto the cake in a circular fashion to create the texture of the hive.

Once the texture of the hive was created, we added the fondant accents that included the sentiment on the board and the bumble bees that were buzzing around the hive.  Each bee was made using black and yellow fondant with tiny wings and body markings that were made with an edible marker.  We also added some piped accents to show the flight pattern of the bees…too cute!

Once the main cake was complete, we created a miniature version for Adelina to smash on her birthday.  We piped the same texture with the yellow buttercream, but left off the fondant accents as fondant can be a chokable for babies.  We added the “o n e” in the piped pattern to coordinate with the main cake.  So adorable!