The Dos and Don’ts of Cake Tastings

January is one of my favorite months of the year!  Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s also the month where all the newly engaged couples come in for their cake tasting appointments.   To clarify, we do cake tastings all year long, but we do the most…by far…in January.  This week alone, I have over 30 tastings scheduled.  Now that’s A LOT of samples!

I don’t mind the numbers at all.  In fact, I prefer to be busy and meet with as many couples as possible!  I love learning about the couples and watching how they interact with each other.  You can learn a lot about a couple by watching them decide on cake flavors together.  So what should you expect at your cake tasting appointment?  Here are a few insider tips:

1.)  Don’t Come Hungry.  Eat some “real food” before coming in to taste cake.  You will be able to enjoy the flavors and different combinations more if you’re not ravenous.

2.) Do Bring Pictures and Ideas. Be sure to come prepared to discuss the design of your cake AS WELL AS the flavors.  At All Things Cake, we talk design first and then taste cake.  Without a design, I can’t provide you with an accurate quote, so be sure that you’ve narrowed down your favorite designs and saved them to your phone or printed them out.

3.) Don’t Bring the Whole Wedding Party.  If you can, only come with your fiance.  If the person paying for the cake wants to come, that’s fine as well, but limit the number of opinions to 2-3.  Too many people at at cake tasting often leads to confusion and makes decision making harder than it needs to be.

4.) Do Have an Open Mind.  Be open to trying a flavor combination you might not normally like.  Or be open to a design or strategy different than the image you saw in the magazine.  Your tasting consultant knows her stuff – be open to his or her recommendations on how many servings you actually need, the types of flowers that can go on the cake or where to display the cake, for example.  (Spoiler alert: never display your cake outdoors in July…)

5.) Do Arrive on Time.  Be sure to be respectful to the bakery you’re getting free cake from.  Be sure to make every effort to arrive on time or call them if you’re going to be late.  If you can’t make your appointment at all, please give them the courtesy of a phone call.  Chances are, they baked samples fresh just for you.

6.) Don’t Stress Out.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have a flavor for everyone on the guest list.  Your baker can make some crowd-pleasing recommendations, but above all, choose a flavor that YOU and YOUR FIANCE like.  It’s just cake, after all!

We would love to meet with you to discuss your wedding cake.  If you’d like to schedule a cake tasting appointment at All Things Cake, please click here.