Simple and Sweet!

In the cake world trends come and go.  Some we love and some we love to hate.  Love it or hate it, this baby shower cake is on-trend on so many levels!  This cake is what we call a “naked,” barrel style cake.  The cake is naked because it’s missing it’s second coat of buttercream icing.  And the barrel style is created by adding two additional layers of cake to the tier, making it 8″+ tall or twice the height of a typical tier of cake.

For this cake, four layers of cake were baked and leveled.  When stacking the layers of cake, the first two layers are filled, then a board is added for stability with the final two layers with filling on top of it.  Next, a single layer, or crumb coat, of icing is added to the cake, careful to avoid adding crumbs to the icing since there won’t be another layer of icing added later.  Finally, this cake is chilled to firm up the cake and icing with a small buttercream bead border being the last step.

Fresh flowers and a gold glittered “Oh baby” cake topper were added at the shower giving this cake a fresh and trendy look. So what do you think?  We vote: LOVE IT!