We have done birthday cakes in all sorts of themes from princess to superhero and every animal from cats to tortoises, but our most popular theme for children’s cakes is, hands down, DINOSAURS!

We love this theme because each cake is different. Some people want more realistic, scary dinos and some want friendly and colorful ones. Most of the cakes for smaller children tend to be the friendlier variety and include fun party colors. The dino cakes shown here are all from the same month at our shop. We tend to create a dinosaur themed cake almost every week!

The cakes pictured here range from a 6″ round cake to serve up to 10 people to a two-tier to serve 30 people. We can also create custom cookies to match. Many times, we are matching the cake to the plates, napkins and other party decor. All we need is a napkin or plate to be brought in and we can match it!

With each of these cakes, our method is the same. We first create the fondant accents. We sculpt the dinosaurs, so they have time to dry and hold their shape. We then create any number toppers and add a skewer or floral wire, so they can be inserted in the cake. We are also careful to reserve any fondant colors that were made, so we can use the matching colors on the cake once it’s baked and iced.

Like the majority of our party cakes, these are all iced in buttercream. We first apply a crumb coat, refrigerate the cake and then ice the final coat smooth. Once the cake is iced, it’s ready to decorate. We add buttercream piping and fondant lettering and accents to complete each design. We also add any toppers and items that were made ahead of time to the cake.

We loved creating all these dino cakes! Which one is your favorite?!?