Red & Gold For the Win

We love being a part of all celebrations, but there is something special about creating a quinceanera cake!  We get to meet with the whole family when planning this 15th Birthday celebration.  Often the birthday girl is accompanied by her parents and siblings and occasionally even her grandparents are present.  This party is definitely a family affair!

When we started planning this quinceanera we learned about the regal color scheme of red, gold and ivory and we were very excited to turn our planned sketch into reality.  We started with 6 tiers of cake – enough to serve 325 people!  We created each tier with two layers of cake and filling with the exception of the 10″ tier, which was a jumbo tier made up of three layers of cake and filling.

The top tier was iced smooth, while the second tier was given a quilted impression and adorned with gold sugar pearls at the intersections.  The third tier, the jumbo tier, was iced smooth and then piped with a delicate scroll.  It was then sprayed gold.

The fourth and fifth tiers were iced smooth and accented with gilded fondant accents.  The sixth and final tier was covered in gold sugar crystals.  Once the cake was stacked and decorated, we added sugar flowers in red, gold and ivory.

This cake was delivered to the beautiful Mayo Hotel where it was placed on a gold cake plateau.  Happy 15th!!!