Potted Plant Cake

What kind of cake do you get your plant-loving wife for her birthday? Well a potted plant cake, of course!

This cake was super fun to create! We started with a six-inch round jumbo, which is three layers of cake making the tier six inches tall instead of the standard four inch tall tiers. We iced this cake in gray and added some darker streaks here and there to give it a marbled look. We smoothed it completely, leveled the top and chilled it in the fridge.

We made the leaves from green fondant and shaded them with a darker green petal dust. These were skewered and set aside to dry. Once the cake was chilled, we cut a small section out of the center on top and added some Oreo crumbs for dirt. We added some edible silver leaf accents sporadically on the sides of the cake and placed the skewered leaves in the top.

The last thing was to add our sentiment to the board with fondant cut our letters that we glued to the board. The customer loved it and reported back that his wife loved it as well! That’s why we do what we do!