Popular 2023 Wedding Dates

It’s only one week into 2023 and we are already seeing a handful of popular wedding dates emerge.

While we do wedding cakes all year long, we definitely do more from April-October. And of those months, May, June and October are by far the most popular. So what trends are we seeing and what dates are already close to booking?

Here’s the list so far:

April 29th

May 13th

May 26th & 27th (Memorial Day Weekend)

June 2nd & 3rd

September 23rd

October 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th

If your ideal wedding date is on this list, don’t stress out! Just check with your preferred vendors to see if they are available and go from there. We offer a quickie deposit of $50 to hold your date, so you don’t lose it before you have a chance to come in for your cake consultation. We also work with several venues in our area and our cakes are included in their venue packages. If you’re getting married at one of these venues, you’re guaranteed a spot on our calendar!