Petit Fours For The Win!

Who doesn’t love petit fours? Anything bite sized and full of flavor is pretty perfect in my book!

We typically get requests for these mini treats for Mother’s Day, weddings and showers, but we are seeing them more around the Holidays, too!

Our petit fours come in round or square and can be coated in a thin shell of chocolate or white chocolate. Inside these delicious treats you will find two layers of cake and a filling sandwiched in between.

Think Chocolate with Raspberry Filling…..

or Almond Cake with Lemon Filling…….

or Italian Cream cake with Cream Cheese Mousse……

The combinations are endless!

On the outside, we can add a petite flower to coordinate with your event as seen above. Or we can add a drizzle with glitter, edible gold leafing or monogram piping. Just tell us a bit about your event and we can make some design recommendations.