There is a fun trend we’ve seen the past couple of years with couples wanting to include their pets in their weddings in some way. Our pets are our fur babies, so it only seems natural to want to include them in such an important day in our lives!

Some couples choose to have their pet present at the wedding by walking them down the aisle or having them serve as ring bearer, for example. But when having your pet present isn’t possible at the reception, couples are option for some cute alternatives, including incorporating them into their cakes!

This couple wanted their pup peeking out from the cake. To do this, we iced the cake as we typically do and then added the figurine at the base of the cake. We then draped a strip of fondant around the puppy to give the look of the dog peeking out of the cake. This accent wasn’t front and center or the main focal point of the cake, which is what makes it a super cute and special surprise!