Par For The Course

Golf cakes are always a fun request to get because there are so many design options.  We can create a golf course on a flat cake with sand traps, fairways, rough and greens.  Or we can do a 3D golf bag (this one is coming soon!) or 3D golf cart!  Or we can do something like we did for Garrett’s 30th Birthday, which was a simple and clean looking cake with some fun sculpted toppers.

We started wth a smooth and level base of lime green and added some darker green rolling fondant hills.  For the fondant toppers, we created a golf bag with clubs, a flag and a golf cart!  You can always add toy toppers, but if you can make them, why not?!

When making fondant toppers, you have to start well in advance, so they have time to dry and hold their shape.  Many times, they have to be made over the course of several days.  For the golf bag, we had to make the bag and the clubs separate.  The clubs are fondant on skewers that started white, but were then painted silver after they had dried.  Once the bag was dry, we were able to add the painted clubs to them.

For the cart, we essectially made each element separately: base, top, tires and let them dry.  Then the dash and seats were added to the base and the top was connected to the base with slewers. It’s hard to tell from the image, but the seats had a stitched impression, which gave it a realistic look. Last thing to be added is the tires, which need to completely dry, so the tread holds its shape.

This cake was fun to create, but the best part was seeing how happy the client was with the finished product.  Yay!

Until next time…happy caking!