Out of This World!

This cake was so much fun to create! The theme for this first birthday party was “First Trip Around The Sun” and this cake fit that theme to a tee!

We started this order by creating the toppers and 3D accents about one week before the cake was due. We sculpted the astronaut out of fondant and set it on the ledge of a six-inch cake dummy to dry, so it would hold its shape when placed on the cake. We then sculpted the space shop and planets using mostly fondant and some styrofoam craft balls. Foam is lighter than fondant, so we sometimes use it for areas of the cake that we don’t want to tear or fall. We, of course, let the customer know that these parts aren’t edible. For the most part, we try to keep accents on the cake edible, but from time to time we have to use inedible structure for the design to be feasible and cost effective.

After the three dimensional accents were made, we baked and cooled the layers of cake. We crumb coated and final iced the tiers, stacked them using bubble straws and dowel rods and then airbrushed* the cake as a whole in a galaxy color scheme.

Once the airbrush spray had dried, we were able to start assembling the larger accents on the cake. We attached planets with buttercream and skewers and refrigerated the cake thoroughly for everything to set.

I love the way this one turned out! Happy 1st Birthday, Grayson!!

*People ask me all the time about the airbrush I use. I love my Grex Airbrush! I prefer the pistol style grip that doesn’t hurt my hand after a lot of use. It gives me much more control over the spray as well and is easy to clean. I highly recommend it!