Oh Baby!

These past few weeks were all about the baby girls!  We have had several baby shower cakes for girls, gender reveal cakes for girls and now lots of baby girl cookies!

The two most recent sets had plenty of pink with Baby Rylee’s cookies featuring rattles, onesies, carriages and plaques in shades of pink.  Baby Sloan’s cookies added a light turquoise to the mix, which was a cute accent color to mix in.

For both sets, we start by baking the cookies using our scratch sugar cookie recipe.  We bake and cool the cookies completely as you don’t want to pipe on a cookie that is too warm or frozen.  Room temp is best.  We start by brushing off any excess flour from the surface of the cookie.  Next we outline and flood the base of the cookies with royal icing.  Some of the accents, such as the roses on the onesies, are added while the base royal icing is still wet.  Other accents such as the raised flowers, writing and bows, are added once the base coat of royal icing is dry. Once the designs are complete we spray the cookies with an edible sealant to keep the colors from running or spreading.  Lastly, we box or heat seal the cookies for freshness.  So cute…and delicious!

We loved creating both of these adorable sets…Welcome Baby Rylee and Baby Sloan!