Nine Tier Wedding Cake

Nine tiers. You read that right. N I N E Tiers of cake!

This cake was amazing to create. The inside was a combination of Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake and Red Velvet Cake with varying fillings. We allow our clients to have a different flavor and filling in each tier if they choose. It’s always fun to offer your guests a few different flavors to choose from.

The outside of this cake was iced in white buttercream. For the bottom three tiers, we added small fondant diamonds using these cutters. We had several smooth tiers and some we airbrushed gold. At the base of each tier we added a gold fondant band to anchor each tier. A jumbo fondant monogram was added tot he front of the third tier.

Once the cake was onsite at the venue, we placed the flowers that the bride provided in a spiral cascade. They added the perfect pop of red to the white and gold of the cake. Our favorite faux flowers for cakes are these. They are more realistic than those found in local craft stores and come in so many colors!

Whether you have a single tier or nine, we promise to put our heart and soul into your cake!