Movin’ On Up!

Big News!  All Things Cake is moving!  Even better news…it’s just four doors down from where we are now, so you won’t have to search for us in a new part of town.    The best part of the whole move is that we will be doubling our space.  We currently have 2200sf and will be moving to 4400sf of retail supplies, classroom space, bridal consultation, baking and decorating!


With the move, we will have the ability to have larger parties and our students will appreciate being able to spread out during their classes.   We will also be adding story hours for pre-schoolers and open decorating blocks where kids of all ages can come and decorate their own cupcake to enjoy!


Our bridal consultation area will be an area where engaged couple and their families can dream up the perfect cake for their big day with lots of example cakes around them for inspiration.  This area will be in the front of the space, where passers by can take a peek as well.


My decorators are most excited about the separate baking and decorating areas.  The heat from the ovens can be unkind to buttercream icing on a cake, so these two areas will now be separate.   Decorators will have state-of-the-art work stations will all their favorite tools at their fingertips.  And our thousands of cutters and molds will just be a rolling shelf away.  Special areas for airbrushing, rolling out cookie dough, and photographing our cakes are just a few extras for which this larger space will allow.


If you can’t tell…WE ARE EXCITED!  More space more of your favorite products, more space to learn, happier employees and an overall better experience for our customers.  We are scheduled to move late May, so stay tuned for progress shots and updates!

This is our new space – gutted and ready to be transformed for us!

Framing for office and kitchen walls has begun!