Monsters: So Cute it’s Scary!

Monster parties have become pretty popular over the last few years.  With their multiple eyes, horns and drool…ewwww!  This colorful version was a joy to create for Mason’s First Birthday!

This cake started with a base coat of blue and lime green buttercream and was stacked to create a two tier monster.  The monster faces were created using fondant that was applied directly to the cake.  The horns, feet and #1 topper were made from fondant a few days ahead, so they would be dry and hold their shape when attached to the cake.

All First Birthday cakes come with a coordinating smash cake, so we created a mini monster for Mason to dig into!  This cake is a 4″ all-buttercream version of the main cake.  So fun!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASON!  See you when you turn 2!!