Mermaids Are Real

Believe it.  Mermaids are real.  I mean, how else did we come up with the design for this cake?  We researched the real thing, of course!

Today’s cake was my favorite cake from last week.  It was for Miss Addison’s 9th Birthday.  We have been doing Addison’s birthday cakes- along with her sister’s- for years.  These girls are the absolute sweetest, so we wanted to make sure this cake was exactly what she wanted.

To create the perfect mermaid cake, we started with two tiers of cake.  The bottom tier was kept a traditional two layer cake and iced smooth in turquoise, but the top tier was carved to give the look and shape of the mermaid tail.  Here’s a peek at it before we added all the beautiful scales:

Pretty, right?  While this cake was chilling, we began cutting out all the scales.  We needed dozens of circles in a variety of colors.  Some we kept plain and some we glittered to give a little boost:

Next, we started adding them to the cake one by one varying the colors and pattern.  We started from the top to get the look that we wanted.  We also added the fondant tail that had been pre-made and skewered to use as a topper.

Once the scales were all on, we added our gilded shells and seaweed.  We added a gold #9 and Addison’s name to complete the look.


Happy Birthday Addison!  We hope your 9th birthday was as awesome as you!