Love is in the Details…

When I delivered this wedding cake, I was the only one in the venue at the time.  The bridal party was outside taking pictures and it was so quiet and peaceful inside. Usually, I have an audience while I set up the cake and place the flowers.  People as questions like, “Did you make that?” or “What flavor is it?”  And once a little girl made my day when she came up to the cake table and asked, “Wow – whose birthday is it?”  I got to explain that when you get married, you get to have an awesome cake.  But this time, no one was there to watch or chat.  At first I was enjoying the silence, but once I got the cake set up, I was a little sad that no one was there to admire all the little details on this cake.

This cake was delivered to Spain Ranch in Jenks, OK.  The white barn is stunning and this cake was perfect for this venue.  The bottom three tiers of this cake were jumbo tiers meaning they had three layers of cake instead of two.  Essentially, the bottom three tiers of this cake were equivalent in height to a 4.5 tier cake.  And that’s without the geometric separator and top tier!  This cake made a statement, for sure!

And let’s chat about this design! Each tier was iced in white buttercream, super smooth and level.  On the bottom tier, we added a quilted impression and piped over it to make it a raised pattern.  The remaining tiers were kept smooth and we added edible gold leaf accents to them.

The gold geometric separator was placed at delivery along with fresh flowers and greenery. It was so dreamy and romantic with all the little details from the petite bead border at the base of each tier to the ring of rosettes under the geometric separator.  Sometimes cakes with different patterns and finishes are busy or cluttered, but this cake was just lovely and complemented the reception perfectly.  What is your favorite part of this cake?