Llama Drama

Some weeks at the bakery are full of similar cakes created for similar themes.  We tend to do a lot of unicorns for birthdays and a lot of naked cakes for weddings.  Trends come and go and *most* of them we love!  One trend that is picking up momentum is the llama trend and we couldn’t be more in love with these adorable creatures.

Recently we received a request for a llama and cactus themed baby shower cake.  The customer came to us with an invitation to coordinate with, which had the color scheme of navy, pink and white.  This shower needed to feed 20+, so we opted for a two-tier design.   We iced this cake in all buttercream with smooth white on the top tier and ombre pink on the bottom tier.  We pulled in the navy with horizontal fondant bands on the top tier and accented the llamas with navy on the bottom tier.  For the llama and cactus theme, we hand cut llamas and cactus from fondant and left them to dry.  Once they hardened, we accented them with painting and buttercream and placed them all around the bottom tier.  We skewered a couple of the cactus pieces to place as the topper and completed the look with a pink “Welcome Eloise” plaque on the top tier.  This one was simple and sweet and a favorite at the bakery!