Who doesn’t love a fun Groom’s Cake?  This one definitely hit the Jackpot!

This cake was so fun to create and was easily close to 16″ tall made with layers of cake and filling.  Once the sheet cakes were baked and leveled, they were stacked and filled.  The arch-like shape was created by carving and shaving cake away and then covering it in a layer of buttercream icing.  After a thorough chilling, the cake was covered in black fondant, which crated a blank slate on which the details were added.  The orange and gold designs were created with strips of fondant and an ombre effect using edible glitter.  Images printed on sugar paper were then layered over fondant to give a realistic look for the 7-7-7 read out and other text.  Lastly, the dimensional pieced were added including the buttons, coin slot and coin return, which were made of fondant and painted silver.  The light on top and the red knob on the handle were both made from rice cereal treats covered in fondant.

I had the pleasure of delivering this cake to Noah’s Event Venue in Tulsa, OK for a New Year’s Eve Wedding where we partnered with several fabulous vendors including Mary Fencl Events.