It’s Worth It…

It was a Friday night.  The sun had gone down.  All my employees had gone home.  My kids were probably playing Fortnite online with their friends.  My husband was probably reading a book with our dogs curled up at his feet.  And I was still at work.

I was exhausted.  I had an employee just give her two weeks notice out of the blue.  I had my CPA blowing up my phone for statements and W9s.  I had brides who needed wedding cake contracts.  I had customers who needed emails returned.  And I was still at work.

The fun stuff was done.  The cupcakes were all iced.  The tasting kits were all packaged.  And the cakes were all boxed and ready for their Saturday parties.  And I was still at work.

There have only been a handful of times in the last 9 years when I wanted to liquidate everything and get a “real job.”  It was usually a fleeting thought followed by a big hug from my husband.  But this week the idea wasn’t fleeting.  It wasn’t going away.

This week, the work seemed to be neverending.  Nothing I did or said seemed to make people happy.  I had a grumpy person message me through my facebook page at 6am frantically needing a custom birthday cake in 2 days.  (I mean, if only your child’s birthday was on the same day every year, so it was easier to remember, right?!) When I replied (AT 6AM!) that we were, unfortunately, booked, he left me a 1 star google review.   Ugh.

I know you can’t please everyone, but it’s extremely hard to be a cheerleader all the time.  You have to smile for the customers…stay upbeat with your employees…enthusiastically network with fellow vendors….and somehow have energy for your family.  It’s hard. Really, really hard. And this week I was beyond over it.

And then I went to get in my car to finally go home. And I saw my sign.  It was all lit up. And I swear I heard a little voice say, “it’s worth it…”

The unwarranted customer complaints, the human resource issues, the taxes, the competition, the bridezillas, the equipment failures, the constantly rising cost of EVERYTHING, the impossibility of pleasing everyone.  It’s still worth it.


Because at the end of the day…When it’s dark…And everyone else has gone home…It’s my sign that lights up the shopping center.  It’s my brand.  It’s my baby.  It’s my legacy.  It’s something that my children can be proud of.  It’s my business that I built with my own two hands.  It’s my logo that I created at midnight while writing my business plan when I was laid off 10 years ago.  It’s my company that has been a part of THOUSANDS of celebrations.  It’s a place that employs people and contributes to the local economy.  It’s a store that people need and enjoy coming to. And it’s mine.