It’s Engagement Season!

At All Things Cake, we love LOVE! Working with wedding couples is probably my favorite part of my job!

Wedding season for us primarily runs from April-October. So in the “down time” from November-March, we conduct A LOT of cake tastings and consultations.

Many couples get engaged over the holidays from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. And once they get engaged, the planning begins! So with engagement season in full swing, we are busy answering inquiries from newly engaged couples, working with wedding venues on Open Houses and networking with other wedding vendors to make the upcoming Wedding Season amazing!

For couples looking to work with All Things Cake, we first recommend that they book their venue and set their date. We can’t really move forward with a couple that hasn’t set a date because we can’t guarantee that we are available for their wedding without it.

Once their date is set and venue is selected, setting a budget and guest list is next. One of the first things vendors will ask is the approximate number of people they will have at their reception. We base our recommended number of servings on this as well. We recommend that you have cake or dessert for at least 80% of your guest count. So for a reception guest count of 150, you’ll need about 120 servings of cake.

Even if the bride and groom aren’t “Cake People” we still recommend that you have plenty of cake. Some people go to the reception JUST FOR THE CAKE! However, if the couple tends to love something sweet other than traditional cake, I wholeheartedly recommend that you incorporate that into the reception. We often have couples that love brownies or cookies instead of cake. We still recommend that you have some cake, but feel free to make the desserts your own!

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples! If you or someone you know is engaged and in need of cake in the Tulsa, OK area, please feel free to send them our way! They can schedule their cake tasting appointment here.

Happy Wedding Planning!!