It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Sugar!

I have the best job in the world.  Every week is different and challenging and FUN.  We use math…we use science…we use creativity…we use problem solving skills…and we use sugar!  And this week…we used a lot of each of those!!

This cake wasn’t one that we cranked out in an hour.  After we baked and leveled the layers of this cake, we stacked them and coated them with a thin layer of buttercream. Once chilled we carved the cakes into a hexagon shape.  (We always bake round, square or rectangle and carve to the desired shape.)  Once the sides were hexagonal and the roof was carved, we iced the cake and chilled it.  (The light pink on this cake was buttercream and provided the foundation for the rest of the cake.)  While the cake was firming up, we started work on the fondant accents on the cake.  Most of the accents were made using cutters, molds and impression mats, but some are hand cut and sculpted as well.  Each accent is measured, made and placed on the cake with a little edible glue to hold it secure.  This cake is exceptional in the fact that it had 6 sides and each side had to have its accents placed identically.  Once the accents, designs and textures were in place, we hand painted and dusted them to give them an antique look.  The final touch was to add the sugar cherry blossoms around the cake.

Some cakes are too pretty to eat and we think this one just may fall into that category.  What do you think?