If The Shoe Fits!

We love creating fun groom’s cakes! We have done several shoe birthday and groom’s cakes over the years, but this one was super special because it was for a professional pitcher in the MLB. He apparently has a decent collection of shoes and the bride wanted us to create this one to be edible for his groom’s cake.

The “cake” portion of this one was the shoebox and the shoe itself was made from rice krispie treats and covered in fondant. As with many of our cakes, we had to make the shoe in advance and in stages. We started out by molding rice cereal treats into the basic shape of the shoe. We then covered it in a very thin layer of buttercream and put it in the freezer to harden.

Once we had the shape of the shoe, we covered the shoe in white fondant and layered on the other black and gray sections one by one. We added texture to the tongue and sides as well as the sole. We added stitching marks where needed and we then added the shoe laces to look as though they were actually laced through the holes in the shoe. Lastly, we added the tags and logos with edible images.

She shoebox portion of this cake was made from chocolate 1/4 sheets that we layered with buttercream. We then iced the cakes smooth and covered the box in fondant panels to give the sharp corners. We added the logos and tags with edible images to complete the box. Lastly, we placed the shoe on top and “glued” it down with a little buttercream, so it wouldn’t move during transit.

We love it when couples think outside the shoebox with their cakes!!