How To Bake The Perfect Cookie

It’s no secret that we are All Things CAKE, but lately we have had cookies on the brain!

Not just any cookies. G I A N T Cookies! We have been so busy testing recipes, playing with ingredients and flavors and yes, taste testing. Tough job, we know. With lots of trial and error, we have come up with our top ingredient hacks for achieving what you’re wanting in a cookie. It is, after all, science!

Here we go!

To understand how to create the perfect cookie you have to first get to know all the players. There are five types of ingredients in any cookie recipe: fat, sugar, flour, rising agent and binding agent

Mixing these up in different amounts and ratios will give you different sizes, shapes and textures of cookies. Here are some things to keep in mind and our Pro Tips:

Fat: Think butter/margarine/shortening

Pro Tip: Like a chewy cookie, add more fat. Like a crunchy cookie, add less fat.

Pro Tip: Butter will spread more than shortening, which melts at a higher temperature. Baking chilled cookies will help with spread, too.

Sugar: Think granulated/light brown/dark brown

Pro Tip: More white sugar tends to make cookies spread more and in turn makes them crunchier. Brown sugar retains moisture, which can minimize this effect a bit.

Flour: Think All Purpose/Cake

Pro Tip: Too much flour and your cookie can be thick and tasteless. Too little flour and your cookie won’t hold its shape in baking.

Rising Agent: Think baking soda/baking powder

Pro Tip: Baking Soda leads to flatter cookies while baking powder leads to puffier cookies.

Binding Agent: Think eggs/milk

Pro Tip: If you want a crispier cookie, use just the egg white. If you want a chewier cookie, use just the egg yolk and if you want a fatter cookie that spreads less, add more eggs.

So there you have it! Time to get baking! If all that sounds overwhelming and you would rather just eat cookies, feel free to head to our website and order some cookies to have shipped right to your door!

We are constantly testing recipes, so check back often for new box offerings!