Have Cake, Will Travel

Cakes that mimic inanimate objects are always fun to create! This one was for a groom’s cake at the Mayo Hotel.

This cake was essentially a 2-tier cake with the base cake being a 1/2 sheet double and the top being a sphere cake. There was only one element that needed to be created in advance on this cake: The suitcase handle.

THe handle was made from brown Satin Ice fondant. We started by rolling the fondant like a snake and curving it into the size needed for this suitcase handle. We added stitching marks before the fondant had a chance to dry to give it a stitched leather look. We then set this aside to fully dry before it could be added to the cake.

For the globe portion of the cake, we iced a ball shaped cake in off-white buttercream and smoothed it out, so the fondant continents would lay flat. We used the same tone of off-white on the fondant and the buttercram base to give this globe the look the couple was going for. We then airbrush outlined the continents and added globe grid lines. We then placed this cake in the fridge to chill.

While the globe was chilling, we carved the corners of the cheet cake to give it more of the luggage shape. We then iced it smooth in white buttercream. We iced it in white and then airbrushed it brown to give us the leather case look. We then added fondant accents like leather straps and buckles and airbrushed the whole cake to make sure everything matched.

The last pieces to be added were the gold accents and travel stickers. For the gold accents, we placed fondant pieces one the cake and painted them with an edible gold powder mixed with vodka. The vodka will evaporate and leave the gold color. For the location stickers, we printed those on edible paper and mounted them on white fondant and cut them out.

Lastly, we stacked the globe on the suitcase to complete the look. Happy travels to the happy couple!