Gold Drip Cake

I often am asked about our drip cakes. From elegant to whimsical, these cakes are both tasty and visually stunning.  Our most recent drip cake was for a surprise 60th birthday party at The Glass Chapel in Broken Arrow, OK.  We always love being a part of milestone birthdays, and who can resist a surprise party?!  The guests apparently agreed because what started out as a modest celebration quickly grew to a guest list close to 100!

For this particular drip cake, we opted for a three tier stacked design.  The cakes were baked, leveled, filled and iced in ivory buttercream.  Each tier was then stacked using bubble straws and dowels as supports.  We often will drip using ganache.  This design, however, required a gilded look meaning that we needed to use a substance that would work well with metallic paint.  We opted for white chocolate.

Once the white chocolate was melted, we poured it into a piping bag and cut a small hole at the end.  Working quickly, we added chocolate drips around each tier and smoothed the ledges as well.  Once the chocolate set, we hand painted each ledge and drip using a gold luster powder mixed with vodka.  It takes a steady hand, but the outcome is well worth it!

The final steps on this cake were to add a small buttercream bead border and hand paint “Sixty” using the same gold paint that we used on the drips.  I loved this subtle way to celebrate this particular milestone as opposed to a flashy 60 topper.  Lastly, we dusted various sugar flowers with blushes and pinks and placed them in bunches on the cake.  The gold centers pulled the look together perfectly.  Surprise… and Happy 60th!