We love when customers come to us with super special requests, which was the case with this cake. It was for a special 60th Birthday for an avid golfer and was ordered by his wife. She wanted us to recreate his golf bag…in cake!

This party took place at The Patriot Golf Club…of course! We were tasked to recreate a particular Titleist Patriot Golf Bag.

We started by stacking SIX layers of cake to get the desired height. We then covered the cakes in a layer of buttercream followed by a layer of fondant. Once the base was complete, it was time for all the details including the pockets, zippers, golf towel holder, patches, tags golf clubs, tees and balls. Everything was made by hand and kept edible.

To complete the cake we added some buttercream patches of grass and added a banner to help celebrate Jim’s 60th birthday…So fun!