For the Man Who Has Everything!

If you’re looking for a cake for the handy man in your life, look no further! This toolbox cake is sure to be the talk of the party!

For this cake, we made all the tools ahead of time, so they could dry and be painted. Some of the tools are free-handed and some can be made using a mold like this one. You just press your fondant into the mold – silicone works best – remove it from the mold and lay it flat to dry. Once it’s dry, you can paint it.

We also made the toolbox handle in advance, so it could dry and hold its shape. We used floral wire and skewers in it, so it could be placed into the cake like a topper.

Once all the 3D elements were made, it was time to start on the cake! We baked 1/4 sheet layers, stacked them and carved them with our favorite sculpting knife to round the corners. We crumb coated and chilled the cake. We were then able to cover the cake in fondant. We covered the top half in yellow and bottom half in black, added the latches, logo and details.

We placed this cake on a larger cake drum, so we had room for all the tools and the “Happy Birthday” message. Who do you know that would love a cake like this?