Fit For a Princess

Talk about a centerpiece! This cake had it all! Sugar flowers, metallic accents, fondant ruffles and more!

This cake, like all of our orders, started with creating the accents that would be later added to the cake. We created and dusted the sugar flowers and painted the leaves gold. Then we used a clay mold to create the crown on top. We uses yellow fondant to press into the mold. We then removed the fondant from the mold and wrapped it around a styrofoam form, so it would dry holding its shape. Once the crown was dry, we painted it gold.

The last thing we had to make in advance was the #6 plaque for the front of the top tier. This was made with a combination of cutters and molds: oval cutter, #6 cutter, pearl mold, bow mold and mini rose mold. Fondant is pressed into each of the separate molds and then put together to create the look of a brooch or plaque. We let it dry on a styrofoam form, so it dries curved like the actual cake is.

As we got much closer to the party date, we baked the cake layers, filled them, crumb-coated them and final iced them. The bottom tier only has a crumb-coat of icing since it was getting fondant ruffles. For the ruffles, we rolled pink fondant really thin and used a blossom cutter to cut out hundreds of flowers. We then folded them into bunches and attached them to the cake with buttercream or piping gel.

Next up, we stacked the cake and added the pre-made accents. Once it’s all put together it creates a stunning princess cake for a very lucky little girl! Happy 6th Birthday!!