First Wedding Cake of 2017!

The first wedding cake of each new year is truly special.  The new year marks a fresh start to the best part of my business…weddings!  I love being a part of EVERY celebration…whether it’s a birthday, new baby, graduation or retirement, I love having a peek inside the happy times in peoples lives. But weddings are different.  Maybe it’s that I work with brides and their families for a longer period of time.  Or maybe it’s that I get to see the groom’s tune into wedding planning when pieces of cake are put in front of them.  Regardless of what it is, I truly love it.  I love creating something unique and special that will be enjoyed by dozens and sometimes hundreds of people.

Next to the bride and groom, the wedding cake is often the most photographed part of the wedding.  It’s the centerpiece of the reception.  And cutting the cake is a tradition where personalities come out…will he/she smash it in his/her face?!  The wedding cake is truly special.  And my first wedding cake of 2017 was no exception!

The first wedding of this year was held at Sky Loft in downtown Tulsa, OK.  We worked with the bride, groom and Erica Weddings to create this stunning four tier cake with gold and plum accents.   Typically each tier is made of two layers of cake, but this cake featured one tier with only one layer of cake and another tier with three layers of cake giving it a unique look.  The cake was baked, leveled, filled and iced in ivory buttercream.  The second tier from the top was coated with confetti and painted gold to give it a different texture than the smooth buttercream.  Each tier was stacked using bubble straws and dowels for supports.  Once stacked, ribbon was added to the bottom jumbo tier.  The cake was completed with a sugar poppy with a plum center and ivory bead borders.  Additional fresh flowers were added onsite where it was placed on our gold mosaic cake stand.

The Tulsa skyline provided the perfect backdrop to this evening wedding.  As the bride and groom kicked off their new life together as husband and wife, I kicked off another new year of doing what I love…weddings!