Fiesta Time!

Nothing says PARTY like colorful balloons, a pinata and a festively delicious cake, right?!   Well, this fiesta was definitely one for the books.  It was for Luke’s 1st Birthday and was planned and coordinated by Farthing Events.  Check out this cake table and backdrop!

For this cake, the client requested three tiers each to be iced a different fiesta color. We, of course, iced these with our favorite icing tool to get a perfectly smooth base to add our accents.  On the bottom tier, we added fondant cacti using this mold.  We prefer to use Satin Ice fondant in the bakery because it’s precolored and just needs some kneading to get it ready to use.  It also has a nice vanilla marshmallow flavor that dosn’t overpower the cake.  For the middle tier, we added a ring of red chili peppers around the base and added pops of floral accents.

Some of the flowers were made using a mold and some were made by layering ruffles circles using this set of cutters.  I am pretty sure I use this circle cutter set on every cake I do…it’s so versatile! Anyway, I added smaller red chili peppers around the base of the top tier.  Each pepper is hand made by rolling a snake of red fondant and tapering one end.  We then added a green cap to each, which is actually a hydrangea cutter!

At the base of the top tier, we added a mexican blanket and sombrero, which were each hand made/sculpted.  For the fringe on the blanket (and on the topper) we used these snips, which come in super handy! And how cute is this pinata topper?!?   He is made of fondant and layered with fringed strips…so fun!  Oh, and be sure to check out the band on the sombrero on top of the cake.  It is stamped with LUKE, for the birthday boy!  We use sugar stampers for this…so tiny, but so worth it!


Since Luke was turing UNO, we made him a simple all buttercream smash cake. The topper was, of course, removed before the little guy dove in.  All in all, we think this cake table was fiesta perfection!  What do you think?  And is anyone else craving chips and salsa now?