Feeling The Blues

As a cake person, when you get an order for a wedding cake that has color on it, you have to get it right! This cake will be in a room with a specific color scheme and will be heavily photographed. We, of course, ask for color swatches, but even with those, you can’t always guarantee that your buttercream will be the proper color….I mean, it’s sugar! But when we delivered this cake to Greenleaf Barn in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, we were so thrilled to see that our sugar’s shade of blue was SPOT ON!

This cake was a three-tier to serve about 75 people and was iced completely in buttercream. We first iced the cake in white buttercream to get the icing smooth. We then added a little blue buttercream and spread it around the tier to smooth it out and blend it with the white. The brushed and marbled look was just the look we were going for and the blue remained true to the color the couple was wanting. It matched the table cloth perfectly!

Once the tiers were iced smooth, they pere placed in the refrigerator to cool and set. Once set, it was time to stack and add the edible gold leaf accents.

When we were stacking this cake, we were careful to add extra support in the bottom tier, so the geometric separator would ne secure. We did this by adding bubble straws for support and a board on top of the cake for the separator to sit on. This was helpful in keeping the separator from sinking into the cake at the venue. The couple opted for some silk flower filler for the separator and a gold pick topper to complete the look. So pretty!