Drip, Drip, Baby

Nearly naked drip cakes are the best combination since chocolate and peanut butter.  These cakes are beautiful and delicious and rustic and sophisticated and simple and elegant all at the same time!

We had the privilege of creating a cake bar for a wedding that was made up entirely of nearly naked drip cakes.  Each cake was a different flavor combination.  Think almond cake with a strawberry filling and chocolate cake with rich mocha filling.  These combinations alone were mouth watering.  And then we added…THE DRIP…Delish!

To get the look of this cake bar we started with 2-3 layers of cake with filling in between.  To get the nearly naked look, we added a thin layer of buttercream.  This serves to lock in the moisture of the cake without fully icing it.  After the cakes have a thin layer of icing on them they are chilled.  Once chilled we added the drip.  In this case we used a chocolate ganache on some and a caramel drip on others.

We added pops of color with fresh strawberries and raspberries as well as fresh flowers and coordinating colors of french macarons.  Each cake was placed on a white cake drum and then placed on a white pedestal.  The white table linens and accents made the vibrant florals and  the colorful accents really stand out.  Stunning!