Corporate Holiday Gifts That Don’t Miss

Every year from October to New Year’s we create a variety of client gifts for our corporate customers. I love this time of year not only because of the holidays, but because these orders are a festive departure from our typical birthday and baby shower orders. Some clients like to stand out and send their gifts around Thanksgiving, which is a natural time to say, “Thank you” to your customers, clients and employees. Sending gifts earlier in the gift-giving season can also set a company’s name apart from the bulk of gifts received in December. Our most popular client gifts in November are our pies!

Our traditional pies like Pumpkin, Apple, Cherry and Pecan are best sellers, but our Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie is BOMB! It has quickly become a fan favorite. Our pumpkin cheesecake is great seasonal option as well. These come packaged in a windowed bakery box and tied with a ribbon for maximum presentation. We can even add your corporate logo or personalized message plaque on top!

December is the obvious choice when it comes to gift-giving time for employees and customers, so we stay busy this time of year. Cookies are always popular and our logo cookies are a great way to keep your company name top of mind.

These are essentially edible business cards – and who wouldn’t want that? But if you want to step it up a notch, a cookie decorating class is an experience that many of our corporate friends are opting for. We host private cookie decorating parties in our classroom or at your location. These are typically 2-hours long and we include everything you need from the cookies and icing to the instruction. Students go home with their decorated cookies AND fun memories made!
In 2021 our most popular corporate gift was the Dessert Charcuterie Tray. These can be created for any theme or holiday and include a variety of sweets, so there is something for everyone. These can also be made for New Year’s and include a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the evening. It doesn’t get more festive than that!

This year, we are seeing an uptick in requests for our hot cocoa bomb cups! These are our take on the hot cocoa bombs, but are shaped like a little travel coffee/cocoa cup. These are filled with hot cocoa mix and come in six different flavor varieties. When submerged in hot milk they melt and turn mix into a delicious hot chocolate drink complete with marshmallows and a built in straw and stir stick!

There are so many unique options to surprise and delight your employees and clients this season. If you’d like more information on our corporate gifting options, please feel free to reach out at

Happy Gifting!