Classic Color Combination

Is there such a thing as too much pink? Especially pink paired with gold? We don’t think so and neither did this client.

This was a small cake – 6″ round – to serve up to 10 people. This cake all started with the the pink chocolate accents. We made large chocolate swipes on parchment paper and let it dry. Once dry, the chocolate pulls away from the parchment and you’re left with these perfect pieces for cake accents! We added a gilded edge on our chocolate pieces and placed them around the cake giving it lots of dimension and height.

For the base of this cake, we iced it in a light pink for a contrast to the darker pink. After icing the cake smooth, we added a pink drip all around the cake. We then added the edible gold leaf flakes. After the chocolate pieces and gold leaf were on the cake, we added pops of buttercream, gold sugar pearls and macarons. We dusted the macarons to match the chocolate and then added gold accents with a gold highlighter powder mixed with vodka for painting.

There were lots of little extra touches on this cake to make it the perfect combination of pink and gold…just what the customer wanted!