Cinderella’s Carriage Cake

This cake was certainly fit for a princess!

The actual “cake” portion of this was the round part. We used a six inch ball pan to bake our cake and iced it with a heavy, smooth crumb coat. The main thing to remember when icing a cake that will be covered in fondant is that the fondant will take on the shape of whatever its draped over. So if your buttercream layer is bumpy, your fondant will be as well.

Once we had our ball covered in the perfect shade of baby blue fondant, we scored it to give it some dimension. We then mounted the ball cake onto a board that was set on a RKT block to elevate it. This allow for space under the base so the wheels look more natural.

Once elevated, we secured the cake and the board to the RKT block and the cake drum underneath. We did this by sharpening one end of the dowel rod in a pencil sharpener, so it would pierce the board, block and drum. This held all the main elements together vertically.

Once everything was secure, we were able to add all the tiny details including the spiral wheels, gold trim accents and window.

With this cake being a six inch ball, it only served 10-12 people, but it’s definitely a fun centerpiece cake for a princess party!