Calling All Lumberjacks!

Lumberjack parties are all the rage these days and we love receiving requests for these cakes.  Connor’s 1st birthday cake was no exception! This cake is a perfect blend of buttercream and fondant leaving party guests wondering if what they are looking at is edible.

It’s ALL Edible…from the buttons and suspenders to the tree bark and ax…It’s all SUGAR!

HOW IT’S MADE: For this cake , we started with a crumb coat of red buttercream on the bottom tier and chocolate icing on the top tier.  To replicate the plaid look, we cut out fondant squares of light red, medium red and dark red and placed them over the buttercream.  We then added light brown fondant suspenders and belt with stitched accents.  Buttons were the final addition to the bottom tier.

Next, we gave the top tier a thick coat of chocolate buttercream and impressed a bark mold to create the perfect tree look.  The top of the tier was white buttercream that was hand painted with a mixture of clear alcohol and brown food coloring.  The paint is very thin leaving the color on the cake and the alcohol to evaporate.

Next we added the name plaque to the top tier and piped a buttercream border.  We mimicked the top tier on the smash cake making sure to keep it all buttercream.  The final piece added was the ax topper.  This piece was made days in advance.  Once dry it was hand painted and the #1 was added in fondant.  We hope Connor had a fabulous 1st birthday!