Boho Rainbow

Who else is loving the Boho trend in all its earthy goodness?  I know I am!

This cake was a simple and fun take on the Boho Rainbow trend.  The base of this cake was a smooth iced white buttercream cake to serve about 26.  Once the cake was iced, stacked and chilled, it was ready to decorate!

For the top tier, we extruded fondant strips to form them into a rainbow using rust and browns.  You can make these strips by rolling out fondant “snakes”, but a clay extruder will make your life much easier and give you uniform strips.  You can “glue” these strips to the buttercream with a spritz of vodka using a spray bottle or you can brush on piping gel.  Once we had the rainbow in place, this tier was complete. Next up…MACRAME!

For the macrame tier, we used a variety of rope and tassel molds to press and form the ivory fondant.  We then laid out the pattern starting with the band at the top and working our way down.  This technique was time consuming, but so worth it when the pattern started to come together!

So what are you thoughts?  Think you’ll tackle a macrame tier or boho rainbow?  Drop your pics and questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!  Happy caking!!