Blowing Bubbles Cake

Happy cakes make us happy! There are some cakes that just make you smile and this is one of them!

The colors, the bubbles, the memories it invokes – everything about this cake is HAPPY!

This cake was a two tier to serve about 26 – a 6-inch stacked on an 8-inch cake. We started this cake by crumb coating and icing each of the tiers in smooth, which buttercream. Once those tiers were chilled, we used bubble straws and dowel rods to stack the cake.

Once stacked, we then can begin decorating this cake. We made the number eight topper from black fondant and skewered it, so it could be inserted into the cake. We brushed it with piping gel and poured black edible glitter on it to give it some sparkle. For the bubbles, we used a combination of sugar pearls, sixlets, gum balls and fondant balls. The largest balls are foam covered in fondant and dusted with luster dust to give then a pearlized finish.

For the silhouette of the girl on the front of the cake, we printed a template and cut it out. We rolled out our black fondant and used the template to cut out the shape of the silhouette. We attached this to the cake with a little vodka or piping gel. Once this was in place we could begin to place our “bubbles.”

We spiraled the sugar pearls, sixlets and gum balls up the sides of the cake increasing the size as we went. The foam balls and fondant balls were mostly on top. We added the number eight topper on top and the sentiment to the board to complete the look. Happy, happy, happy!