Beary Sweet!

So simple and so sweet! This baby shower cake was a joy to create!

For this cake, we started by sculpting the teddy bear using fondant. We colored the fondant with our favorite gel coloring and started by sculpting the body. We then added each limb, the head and the ears. Each element of the bear is built piece by piece. The bow was made from a mold – so easy and cute!

Next up was creating the balloons. Some were made from fondant and some were made from lightweight styrofoam craft balls, which were covered in fondant to match the bear. All of these items are made in advance, so they have time to dry and hold their shape once it’s time to assemble the cake.

This cake was a 6″ round jumbo, meaning it was three layers of cake (or 6″ tall.) A standard tier is typically 2 layers of cake and only 4″ tall. These taller tiers are very popular at the moment and this particular design needed a bit more height for the balloons.

This cake was iced in a smooth, white American Buttercream. Once the crumb coat and final coat were chilled, we were ready to assemble this cake. We placed the bear on the board, the balloons on top and connected them fondant strings. We think this cake turned out beary cute!!