Battle Royale!

We have had so many requests for Fortnite cakes lately.  It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, which is fine with us…it’s such a fun theme to create!  We have created Battle Busses and Loot llamas, but this Fortnite cake was a classic design that incorporated so many fun aspects of the game.

This party didn’t need to feed too many, so we added as many of the aspects as possible onto this 8″ round cake.  We started with a solid base of smooth green buttercream icing.  We then added the various elements of the game.  At the base of the cake, we added grass and chocolate rocks as well as sculpted fondant slurp juice and bandages.

On top of the cake we added even more details from the game: sculpted loot llama, chest, bandages, pick ax.  These elements were nestled among the cone shaped trees, buttercream piped grass and chocolate rocks.

All of these accents are created ahead of time, so they can dry.  Once dry, they are secured to the cake.  They are all edible!   Happy Birthday TJ!