Bakers Never Take a Break

When you own your own business, there is no real break or vacation.  Your phone never really stops ringing and the emails never really stop coming in.  This is a good thing and I’m so grateful that my little bakery has taken off the way it has!  I have a great staff that I can leave in charge, but a small business owner is still a small business owner…even on vacation.

My husband recently surprised me with a weekend getaway to Eureka Springs, AR.  It was just for a few days and his motive was to help me recharge my batteries before I hit the ground running into 2019.  It was just the break I needed!  We nosed around the historic downtown shops and it was then that I noticed that a baker never takes a vacation.  We passed a gift shop and I immediately was drawn to the cookie related items.  At the home decor store I gravitated to the cake stands.  In the sock store I considered purchasing cupcake socks for everyone in my family.  Even at the nut shop I immediately spotted these items:

We are drawn to things related to our passion…even (or especially) on vacation.  Even when the phone is turned off and you’re away from the computer…you’re still a bakery owner.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Now…one last deep breath as we prepare to take on 2019!  We are already on track to do more weddings than ever before.  Our classes fill within days – sometimes hours – of posting.  We have increased staff to tackle the increased demand…So let’s do this 2019!!