Art Deco Wedding Cake

This stunning cake was for an amazing couple’s wedding at Dresser Mansion in Tulsa, OK.  There were Gatsby touches throughout the reception and this cake served as a gorgeous centerpiece of the event.

For this cake, we iced all four square tiers in white, vanilla buttercream. The third tier was then airbrushed gold and chilled.  Next, the cake was stacked and a black band was added the base of each tier.  The gold and black fans were made from fondant ahead of time, so they could dry and be glittered.  These were attached to the second tier, which was a jumbo tier made from three layers of cake.

The final step was to add the hand-painted gold chevron accents.  To do this we chilled the cake and made sure the buttercream was completely dry.  We then laid a stencil over the buttercream and painted the chevron pattern making sure it matched up as it turned the corner of the next side of the cake.

Simple colors and accents came together to create a unique cake that will surely be remembered for years to come!   Congratulations to the happy couple!!